Personal Wind Power

Can I attach a wind mill to my suburban house? Should I?

My neighbors probably would say no! But people are starting to consider adding wind power to their homes. Find a wind map of your state at this U.S. Department of Energy website.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t show my area being a good candidate for wind power. That, and the fact that you need an 18 meter tall mast (and $45k+ to spend) will probably put this concept on hold for me right now.

The Natural Renewable Energy Laboratory has a page on ‘Small Wind Turbine Independent Testing‘ that’s a little dated but a good starting point for small residential wind turbine research.

So unless you can have a big pole in your yard or have the room for a 500’ trench, wind and geothermal are limited options at the current moment. I’m guessing some entrepreneur is probably working on more urban-friendly solutions. If you know about them, let me know.

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